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murratore -> Blackberry in Coexistence (20.Jul.2010 3:13:05 AM)

Currently we are in Migration vom Notes/Domino to Exchange 2010. Therefore we have 2 subdomains ( & which are responsible for routing the messages between the two systems. Users which are already on Exchange can send Emails to the Notes Users without problem. The Resolving of the Subdomain happens without problem. But when a Exchange-User wants to send an email from Blackberry to a Notes User it does not work - the email is not correctly resolved (the message does also not appear in message tracking).

What could be the problem?

mrflash -> RE: Blackberry in Coexistence (1.Feb.2011 4:44:32 AM)


What are your send connectors looking like on your 2010 servers?

How is your domain set up on Exchange 2010, have you got a custom, internal-relay or authoritative?


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