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wissam001 -> Autodiscover Certificate issue (25.Jul.2010 8:56:35 AM)

Hi all,

I have one Exchange Server 2010 installed in my network.
i faced issue with the autodiscover configuration (Out of the Office) not work.

The issue was the external domain name different from the internal domain name and i found one mail server have the same external domain name.

After reconfigured the Default Site, the autodiscover and out of the office work fine in the outlook and OWA but now everytime when i open my outlook i received two Security Alerts
( and (servername.mydomain.local) with this message (The name on the Security Certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site).

I don't need to see these security alerts anymore, anyone can help me for that....


e_aravind -> RE: Autodiscover Certificate issue (28.Jul.2010 3:25:13 PM)

Do you have any SAN Certificate on the IIS\Default Web site?

If not, we need one.

Atleast with these SAN Entries:


as per the URL

Note: you can use Microsoft-Certificate server/service installed on any DCs to issue the cert. to the IIS without any charges

wissam001 -> RE: Autodiscover Certificate issue (31.Jul.2010 2:41:14 AM)

Thank you for your message,

I used self-signed certificate, and i received this issue after renewing the self-signed certificate,

After reinstalling the SSC, the OWA and outlookanyware work fine but autodiscover not work.

i made test for the autodiscover from my outlook and i received error because the request connect to another SMTP mail server that have the same our external exchange domain name.

i thenk i create autodiscover by the wrong way, so how i can resolve this..


wissam001 -> RE: Autodiscover Certificate issue (31.Jul.2010 3:07:16 AM)

i received this issue because i have two domains (internal and external)

1- mydomain.local

how i can lean my exchange to point to the internal and external domain at the same time !!!

please see this article:

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