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NTElvin -> To VM or not to VM… (26.Jul.2010 10:03:19 AM)

Just a thought… is anyone here running E2K10 in a virtual environment? I ask because we’re in the process deciding which route to take and I’m personally leaning toward getting separate machines for all servers. It’s not so much a comfort-level issue, it’s that we’re a construction management firm and email is critical for us as it allows us to communicate instantly with the many contractors, architects, and owners that we deal with daily. We're intrigued with the virtualization buzz, and we’ve played around plenty with ESXi and XenServer, but we’re concerned with the idea of putting such a mission-critical function for us like email in one basket.

What do you guys think?

Marc.dekeyser -> RE: To VM or not to VM… (26.Jul.2010 10:36:59 AM)

Well, if you don't do failover but use the builtin options of exchange it shouldn't give any technical issues. Perhaps you can do a CAS failover, but I would advise against MBX failovers. Theres the odd chance it corrupts the database.

Other then that the load on the servers does play an important role (and please keep 1 dc non-virtual thank you very much) and that is something only you can determine :)

NTElvin -> RE: To VM or not to VM… (26.Jul.2010 10:50:31 AM)

Thanks Marc! All of our other boxes, DCs, DHCP, DNS, etc are all on their own seperate boxes and we plan to keep them that way. We're only considering setting up our Exchange 2010 rollout on virtuals.

As per my understanding, in order to take advantage of the failover features in Exchange 2010 you have to have Server 2008 Enterprise as your operating system, is that correct?

Marc.dekeyser -> RE: To VM or not to VM… (26.Jul.2010 11:05:02 AM)

Yep that would be the basic :)

NTElvin -> RE: To VM or not to VM… (26.Jul.2010 11:11:43 AM)

Thank you, sir. We appreciate the clarification.

Marc.dekeyser -> RE: To VM or not to VM… (26.Jul.2010 11:19:05 AM)

You're welcome :)

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