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trond@bitstorm.no -> Wrong organization name (28.Jul.2010 8:18:12 PM)

I am installing Exchange 2010 on 2008 r2 and made a stupid mistake when running Setup /PrepareAD /OrganizationName:SG
I copied from a book and forgot to change the organization name.
Exchange is not yet installed and this was the last thing I did. Can I regret it somehow.
Many run the command again?

e_aravind -> RE: Wrong organization name (29.Jul.2010 3:18:28 PM)

1.Run setup /m:uninstall
2.Stop and disable all the Exchange 2007 services
3.Use Registry Editor (Start->Run->Regedit) to remove these Exchange related registry keys:
* HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange
* HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchange* (all the keys starting with “MSExchange”)
* HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Microsoft Exchange
4.Remove the entire Web Server role (don’t forget to reinstall afterwards as it’s a prerequisite for E2K7!)
5.Remove the Exchange 2007 server from Active Directory. I ended up deleting the entire “Microsoft Exchange” branch from ADSIEdit (Configuration Container > Services > Microsoft Exchange) as my Org only counts one server.
6.Use Windows Explorer to delete:
* C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server
* C:\ExchangeSetupLogs
7.Use Windows Installer CleanUp Utility to remove all the exchange related info from the installer database.
8.Remove the security groups created by Exchange setup from AD
9.Use CC Cleaner to remove registry entries for Exchange

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Marc.dekeyser -> RE: Wrong organization name (30.Jul.2010 6:42:56 AM)

Just for the record, manual uninstall for exchange 2007 and up is not supported by microsoft.

If that command had the wrong Org in it I'm surprised it didn't return an error. You should be able to run the command again ithout problems.

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