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rjvdhiman -> SSL on POP3 & IMAP (31.Jul.2010 8:28:32 AM)


I have two exchange servers 2003 installed in the front-end and back-end topology(server02 & server01 respectively). I want to enable SSL on http, pop3 and imap4 server. I have already set-up the CA on my domain and also implemented the SSL on back-end server. But when i try to implement SSL on front-end server the option is disabled.

Also do I need to enable SSL on both servers or just front-end server ?

Any help will be appreciable.

Thank you!

rjvdhiman -> RE: SSL on POP3 & IMAP (31.Jul.2010 8:31:33 AM)

I am really sorry, I think i created it under wrong section. I dunno how to move it but i have created the same under Exchange Security section !!

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