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tschirmer -> Clean re-installation of Exchange in SBS 2003 (2.Aug.2010 9:30:32 PM)

I have been using SBS 2003 for 2 years.  I have a small medical office with only 4 users. We rely very little on email and thus have not fully set up Exchange.  We would like to set it up now but it has apparently become corrupt.  I had a local IT guy look at it but after working with it for about 2 hours he was receiving so many errors that he tried to reinstall it.  He said that he couldn't because there were users registered on the server.  He recommended a complete re-install of SBS 2003.  There is no significant user data to back up so couldn't I just delete the users and then re-install Exchange?  I admit that I have a very limited knowledge of SBS.  The only reason we are using it instead of our previous "workgroup" arrangement in Windows XP Pro is because a new medical office software required it.  Again I don't think I need to backup any important data.  Is this reasonable?

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