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reaser -> Spam Connector (3.Aug.2010 1:59:33 PM)

All of a sudden a spam connector is now showing in the que and all email is going here and not sending.

There is another tech and i suspect he may have made some changes and now isn't telling us. Is the spam connector there by defualt?

I'm trying to research as quickly as possible but this que is filling up fast with over 1000 emails. How do i fix this? -> RE: Spam Connector (3.Aug.2010 2:27:47 PM)

There is certainly no spam connector there by default.
He has to tell you what he's done.

reaser -> RE: Spam Connector (3.Aug.2010 2:48:42 PM)

I've deleted the connector for now and all is back to normal. The server had been hit by spam due to open relay now a few domains are undeliverable because of poor reputation. Is there any way to speed up the process to change reputation. I've already removed the open relay settings.

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