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brichter -> IMF Random Deleting from Domain Acct (6.Aug.2010 11:20:48 AM)

Have an issue where the IMF is randomly deleting emails coming from an email address in our domain going to another email address in the domain. This is a webserver sending mails so its relaying via SMTP to our Exchange server. Lets say for every 100 emails from to 1-2 get blocked dumped via IMF. I have added the server IP addresses (internal and external) to the Connection Filter to Accept (do i need to restart the service for this to be active?) I have also tried adding those 2 email addresses to the Exception List. Still happening!! Any ideas?

hyderabad.heroes -> RE: IMF Random Deleting from Domain Acct (26.Aug.2010 5:41:46 AM)

Can you check the IMF settings related to action being performed when a email is considered as unsolicited commercial email i.e UCE or SPAM.

Open the Exchange System Manager snap-in (ESM).
Expand your Organization object, expand Global Settings. Right-click Message Delivery and choose Properties.
Notice there is a new tab named "Intelligent Message Filtering". Click on it.

check what action is being performed when a mail is blocked.

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