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rwaldron21 -> Exchange 2007 constantly disconnecting over VPN (12.Aug.2010 10:05:00 AM)

Hi guys,
While using outlook 2007 over our VPN (Sonicwall) ,  exchange keeps disconnecting every 10 mins or so.
"The connection has been lost" is reported.

Login screen pops up asking you to re-login to exchange.I have to close exchange and open again for re-connection..
While this is happening pinging any server accross the VPN also fails until I log back into exchange ??

Sonicwall VPN software says connected throughout.

Internally, outlook is fine.

It's only happening when connected remotely using sonicwall VPN.
I have checked sonicwall log and there's no error.
I have checked exchange server and there is no error
I have checked event viewer on client PC an it does record all the times that exchange has disconnected and then reconnected....
Exchange server has all updates installed including Rollup package 10

I have checked this on multiple connections ie: Vodafone mobile broadband , NTL Broadband and exchange still disconnects.. so it's not limited to one form of ISP.
Outlook 2003 Is Fine !!!

I have other users using outlook 2003 and exchange never disconnects.
Anyone any other ideas or know of maybe an update that might be causing this ?
I tried turning cached mode off but no luck.
We also have OWA which works fine bt alot of users prefer using outlook over VPN rather than the Web
thx for any help


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