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tpang13 -> Delete email action not pushing to iphone / ipad (23.Aug.2010 9:52:09 PM)

the Setup:
Hub Transport + CAS x 3, Mail Store x 2. PushMail working properly.

the problem:
In outlook after we delete the email, the action is not push to iphone, which means the email still there until 8 mins or new email arrived

PS. should not be related to firewall HTTPS timeout, because this problem happen on internal (connect wifi with iphone via LAN) or external (iphone using 3G network to connect via Firewall)

rishishah -> RE: Delete email action not pushing to iphone / ipad (25.Aug.2010 4:33:39 AM)

I take it that this is only happening on the ipad/iphone and that WIndows Mobile is fine?

When you delete a mail in outlook this action is not sent instantly to the phone, but it is simply waits till there is another action like a new mail or cal or contact update to save bandwidth.

try the following:

1) What happens if you force a sync on the iphone after you delete the mail in outlook.
2) Is the mail deleted from the phone if you delete the mail in OWA? I ask this because outlook may be working in cached mode and hence will not be instantly sending its changes back to the server.
5) Delete a ail in out, force a sync in outlook, wait for this to complete, send a new mail to that mailbox. Has the deleted mail disappeared off the phone?

tpang13 -> RE: Delete email action not pushing to iphone / ipad (25.Aug.2010 6:27:02 AM)

not sure about windows mobile, we dont have one for testing

1) if i click the refresh button on iphone, the email gone, because this fetch , not push
2) yes. delete in OWA already avoiding the cache mode issue
5) yes. all mail gone then got new mail

i just wondering if this related to CAS and HT are split out from MailStore. as i remember it is working in all in one exchange (HubTrans+CAS+MailStore)

rishishah -> RE: Delete email action not pushing to iphone / ipad (25.Aug.2010 8:49:45 AM)

OK deleteing mail is reflected at some point (forced refresh or new mail/cal/contact/task)...basically anything that tells the phone please perform a sync.

Upon deleting a mailin outlook, activesync will NOT force a mobile device to force an immeiate sync as this is a waste of bandwidth for the protocol. Its just default behaviour.

Any reason why you would like deleted mail to be reflected immediately?

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