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Mongoose47 -> Recovering deleted contact information (26.Aug.2010 2:03:19 PM)

Verizon's "Backup Assistant" software provides the capability to recover a deleted contact directly from a cell phone  <see: >.  Does anyone know how to implement this capability in Exchange? 

Also, does anyone know how to recover contact information that has been changed (overwritten)?

rishishah -> RE: Recovering deleted contact information (1.Sep.2010 9:47:41 AM)

if you contacts are on Exchange they will sync to any device that supports Activesync.

mmmike -> RE: Recovering deleted contact information (20.Sep.2010 6:00:14 PM)

Best will be calling/emailing Verizon support and ask this question [:D]

About the second issue, as much as I know there is no way restoring overwritten contact/deleted (if your talking about mobile devices) unless its backed up somewhere over this planet. From my experience the cellular companies cant/wont do it even if you pay them.

bibomaria -> RE: Recovering deleted contact information (21.Sep.2010 3:30:41 AM)

Hi !

I have face same problem few days ago, My friend recommend Kernel for Exchange recovery software that recovers emails, attachments, personal folders, appointments, tasks, notes, calendars, journals, drafts, text formatting, Unicode text, email properties and images.You can also find it from


dimfry -> RE: Recovering deleted contact information (20.Nov.2010 3:48:16 AM)

Once my blackberry set theft. I lot all the contact info. That moment I was so helpless, I felt crying. But my friend suggest me to go to the customer care and lodge a report. They took 2 days, but I got all my important contact information.

Thank you.

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