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ouroboro -> Need some advise please (2.Sep.2010 10:16:10 AM)

Currently we have Exchange 2010 (standard version) installed on a single Windows 2008R2 (standard version) machine. We have 50 users by the way. We need to configure some type of clustering/high availability. Can this be done by adding another server with Windows 2008R2 (standard version) and then install Exchange 2010 (standard version) on it and use the DAG method? If so or if not, can you advise me what you would do to get this to work? If I need to take one server down, then I need the other server to take over all mail operations.

Also, does anyone know if installing Exchange with the same serial key will work or will I have to purchase another Exchange 2010 software license? I remember for windows 2003 server and other O/S you could get away with 2 installs before the serial won't work anymore. Will the standard versions of wondows 2008R2 and Exchange be ok?

John Weber -> RE: Need some advise please (2.Sep.2010 11:42:29 AM)

Windows enterprise server is needed to support DAG. The underlying cluster pieces are not present in Windows Server Standard. Exchange 2010 Standard will do DAG, but you will be limited to 5 databases - inluding public folders if you use them.

You will need an Exchange server license for each server that has Exchange 2010 components. If you build a UM role on separate hardware, and have another with a mailbox, cas, ht setup, then you have a need for two licenses.

ouroboro -> RE: Need some advise please (2.Sep.2010 3:34:29 PM)

We're only using 1 database at the moment. So, no matter what, we're going to need 2 copies of Windows Server 2010 Enterprise and then 1 more copy of Exchange 2010 Standard. At that point, I can do what I was asking for?

We're talking about $2,400 for each copy of 2008 R2 Enterprise, so $4,800 and another copy of Exchange 2010 Standard.

When using DAG, isn't the DAG an IP address? If one of the 2 servers goes down, how does the other one know to take over and how does the employees Outlook know to switch servers? Or is is that the DAG IP is the one their Outlook is looking for which will always return a result as long as one of the servers is up?


ekoutanov -> RE: Need some advise please (20.Sep.2010 7:22:14 AM)

Has anyone tried (Gridlock) with MS Exchange?

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