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ryanparle -> strange incoming email issue (7.Sep.2010 3:28:12 PM)

for a while since setting up exchange 2003 i have had an issue with some incoming email, initially i thought it was an issue with yahoo groups, i changed my email delivery preferences to my new email address "" but the email appeared to be delivered to my old account.

recently i signed up to a forum using "" and i found that the emails too were being delivered to the account.

the messages only get delivered to me when i do a pop3 send & receive on the blueyonder account with outlook.

the only thing i can see that may be causing this problem is the fact that i use "" as a smarthost to get around the issue of my ISP (virginmedia) not allowing the PTR record to be changed on residential accounts. it was one of the virgine media staff members who suggested i use as a smarthost.

I have been trying to contact my isp regarding switching to a business account, but so far i've just sat in a que.

is there anything i can do to make my email go direct to my exchange server and not end up in the blueyonder account? -> RE: strange incoming email issue (7.Sep.2010 3:39:07 PM)

I suspect that you are not permitted, under the terms of your Virgin contract, to host a server on a residential link. You don't have a fixed IP so all you could do would be to get a type account and have your router update the dynamic service with your gateway IP. Even if you did manage to get a static host name to target you still have the issue of your posibly not being able to get SMTP into your server. The biggest provider in the US block SMTP. I would suggest you continue to host an account (gmail, blueyonder, doesn't matter, I don't care and we don't need a conversation) and use a POP3 connector (POPCON is good) to connect to and collect the email. POPCON drops the mail on the local SMTP interface. You would carry on using some SMTP relay from your Exchange server. Again, which one is of no interest.

Bottom line is that you have a residential account and must either cope with the restrictions placed upon you or dip your hand in your pocket and pony up some hard-earned for a proper connection.

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