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iwilson68 -> Upgrading 2 * Exchange 2000 servers to Exchange 2003 (8.Sep.2010 11:12:05 AM)


I will be upgrading two old exchange 2000  Servers to Exchange 2003 in the next couple of weeks. Both currently run on Win2k Advanced servers which are also DCs and I will deal with the AD and OS upgrades after. First stage is to bring them up to Exchange 2k Native once I have got shot of the remaining Exchange 5.5 server (yes it is all really old) adn I am ok with this.

My question is around the actual upgrade of each box to Exchange 2003 ent and I am probably being a bit overcautious. When I go for the Upgrade do I select the 3rd option "Upgrade from Exchange 2000 native mode"? Will this upgrade exchange on this particular server and put it into exchange 2003 mixed mode and allow the other exchange 2000 server to be upgraded immediately after?

Just want to ensure that I do not have issues with the second exchange server. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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