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MikeRM2 -> OWA CAS Preperation (22.Sep.2010 10:25:29 AM)


I have been trying unsuccessfully to publish OWA through TMG.  I would probably have no problem if I could get the CAS Preperation done correctly.  I have been following Richard Hicks article: http://www.isaserver.org/tutorials/Publishing-Exchange-Outlook-Web-App-OWA-Microsoft-Forefront-Threat-Management-Gateway-TMG-2010-Part1.html

The problem I have is that I create the certificate request on my Exchange 2010 server (server4) as mailbox.mrm2inc.com as the common name.  DNS shows mailbox.mrm2inc.com as an A record to server4.  I move the request over to my CA server and go to process the request and it fails.  How do I get around this?

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