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kristiano -> Exchange/Outlook Setup for Remote Users (27.Sep.2010 10:10:20 AM)

Hello All. I am new to this forum and I am not quite use to the navigation of the site so I do not know if this question has been asked/resolved or if this is even the correct location for this question.

I'm trying to set up my Exchange 2007 Server to allow remote users send and receive options from a home office or use as an off-site user in Outlook/other mail client. I've read many articles and changed many configuration settings in Exchange 2007 and in my test Outlook account, but so far have been unsuccessful at this. I guess I'm trying to allow POP3/SMTP connections. I'm new to administering an exchange server so please dumb down any responses. Thanks.

Oh, one other question that I've had for awhile. When setting up the clients configuration setting in Outlook in the mail configuration wizard, how do I know what password to give to users under the Add New E-mail Account window, Internet E-mail Settings, Log in Information, Password. Is this the users AD logon credentials or a password I set up in Exchange and the same password applies to all users? -> RE: Exchange/Outlook Setup for Remote Users (27.Sep.2010 12:06:24 PM)

There is only one password and yes, it's the Active Directory password they need.
If you have Outlook clients then the best thing is Outlook Anywhere which used to be known as "RPC over HTTPS" so you might want to check that out.

Also, in 2007/2010 the POP and IMAP services are disabled by default so you obviously need to enable and start them. When you attempt a logon you should do so using "domain\logonid" as the format and the AD password.

Before doing anything with client software the easiest thing to do is to check Outlook Web Access in the browser. https://server/owa is the url you need.

Do some more checking and bring us the results of how far you get and we'll then take it a step farther.

kristiano -> RE: Exchange/Outlook Setup for Remote Users (27.Sep.2010 1:51:23 PM)

Dang it. I got timed out. lol

Okay. Let try this again.

First off. Thank you Mark for the quick reply.

So, I have OWA enable and working great with my test account, but I still want to enable and configure the Outlook Anywhere capability.

I did enable Outlook Anywhere the other day, I have the IMAP and POP services enabled and running on my exchange server but as far as the rest of the settings/configuration I am unsure.

In Exchange Manag. Console under Server Config > Client Access, "Server Name" properites > Outlook Anywhere tab, I have the External host name: named the same as my OWA name "". I don't know how much this matters just as long as this is what I give my clients when they configure there outlook POP/IMAP/SMTP settings. Then under Client authentication method set to Basic.

After that I do not know any other settings/configurations to set. Anything to do the ports or other authentication setting? -> RE: Exchange/Outlook Setup for Remote Users (27.Sep.2010 2:11:58 PM)

If you have OWA working great there's not much more to it for OA to work. is a good place to start but the client settings are all pretty intuitive. Big thing to watch is that the URL you use must be the same as the certificate name. So, if you are using the default cert that Exchange installs you're going to have to get a commercial certificate from, say, godaddy. All you need open on the firewall is 443 which is probably already open for your OWA.

kristiano -> RE: Exchange/Outlook Setup for Remote Users (16.Oct.2010 8:28:25 PM)

Just wanted to give an update. I'm still working on getting Outlook Anywhere configured correctly. Haven't had a chance to do much since our Exchange server crashed (with no usable back up) so things have been hectic.

I think my issue with the Outlook Anywhere capability not working is with the certificate. We have a valid certificate from godaddy, but I don't think the previous administrator built it correctly. It's not built for both our external and internal IPs so if I try and bind the certificate to the internal IP, users inside the network get some connection errors. As soon as I get a chance I will get this new request for a certificate built and sent off to godaddy. I will post results/issues as they accure. Thanks for the help so far.

Now I'm off to post some help on Activesync and an issue that has come up due to that Exchange server crash. Wish me luck.

kristiano -> RE: Exchange/Outlook Setup for Remote Users (10.Dec.2010 12:56:50 PM)

Okay. I finally got my Outlook Anywhere access going. I re-keyed and re-applied the certificate and all seems to be working fine now. After a bit of searching I was able to find how to work through the process, plus Go-Daddy had instuctions fo applying the certificate.

Thanks for your help.

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