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TracerB -> Odd problem (28.Sep.2010 4:04:33 PM)

If I could explain why this happened I'd feel a bit better about it, but not understanding it leaves me unable to determine where to begin with fixing this issue. The Problem: A Long story short. A month ago shared storage caused a big failure, and we had to bring everything up on another server temporarily. And that's where everything is now. Perhaps that's not relevent, any more than just knowing that the hardware is not ideal and we know that.
Last night the exchange server stopped responding. We could no longer remote into it. The local IT guy thought it might be locked up so he restarted it. Email still wasn't working, so he left it for me. I looked at it and it seemed like everything was fine in ESM but the GFI connector wasn't in SMTP so I decided to look at the relay/GFI server. The SMTP server there looked weird with all sorts of connections from 1 ISP. Looked like an attack. I terminated all those connections and restarted the relay server and verified spam filtering was working. At this point I think E-mail started working again and I left it alone. Now they're claiming that everyones contacts are gone. BB users cant see them and no one can see them from webmail. Outlook users still see them, presumedly because of cached exchange mode.
What would cause this behavior. If the database was corrupted, I would expect the whole database to be corrupt, not just the conacts. Any insight from anyone that can set me in the right direction?

TracerB -> RE: Odd problem (29.Sep.2010 11:54:20 AM)

The problem went away by itself. Not sure what the deal was. Wish I could explain it.

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