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JediMindTricks -> Exchange 2010 SBS 2003 Uknown Domain Schema (29.Sep.2010 2:00:39 PM)

Hey everyone!

I have an SBS 2003 server (named SBS) and wanted to move to Exchange Server 2010 and Server 2008. So first I'll explain what I've done so far, and then the problem(s) I'm having.

1) I installed a Windows Server 2008 and made it a domain controller in our domain (named DC1)
2) I transferred the DHCP Server service from SBS to DC1
3) I installed another Windows Server 2008 server to host Exchange on(named ES1)
4) On ES1 I ran "setup /pl" which ran successfully
5) On ES1 I ran "setup /ps" which ran successfully
6) I ran the Exchange 2010 installation (which runs /prepareAD) and everything was successful
7) I installed Exchange 2010 SP1, it asked for several hotfixes to meet the pre-reqs of SP1, I installed the hotfixes. I then retried to install SP1 and it ran successfully.
8) I created a new "TESTUSER" account on SBS
9) On ES1, I moved the mailbox of TESTUSER to ES1 from SBS
10) I can log into OWA on ES1 and email users on SBS, but no one on SBS can email users (TESTUSER) on ES1

To start troubleshooting I ran the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer on SBS. I have (3) critical issues in my scan results.

1) Uknowns schema extension version, The Exchange schema extensions are an unknown version. Schema version detected is 14726

2) Unrecognized Exchange signature, Active Directory domain has an unrecognized Exchange signature. Current DomainPrep version: 13040

3) Missing FQDN in service principal name, The computer account for Exchange server SBS does not appear to contain the fully-qualified domain name of Exchange SMTP virtual server 'Default SMTP Virtual Server'. This may cause Kerberos authentication to fail when sending messages between servers. The tool expected to find 'SMTPSVC/mailgateway.DOMAIN.COM' in the 'servicePrincipalName'

Any ideas how to resolve these errors? Or what I did wrong? ANy help is greatly appreciated, I'm getting lost here... Thanks!

de.blackman -> RE: Exchange 2010 SBS 2003 Uknown Domain Schema (29.Sep.2010 2:38:36 PM)

You can completely ignore the first 2 issues (unknown schema extension version and unrecognized Exchange signature). In fact in your procedures (actually, thank you for providing such a detailed description! The force is strong with this one...), you could have skipped step 6 entirely. Since Exchange 2007, Microsoft has changed the way Exchange service packs are created. Instead of the service packs being updates to the application, they acutally are the full exchange installation with the service pack included. SO in reality, all you need to do is download and install Exchange 2010 SP1 and skip the RTM deployment.

The reason you are seeing the first two issues is because the ExBPA available on the 2003SBS server is not compatible with Exchange 2010 or EX2010SP1. This version of ExBPA does not recognize that there is a version of Exchange newer than E2K3. For the 3rd issue, check the following KB article and see if it applies to your configuration:

JediMindTricks -> RE: Exchange 2010 SBS 2003 Uknown Domain Schema (29.Sep.2010 3:27:07 PM)

@de.blackman thank you for the link, that makes much more sense now.

So the issue with the "missing FQDN in service principal name" is the remaining issue.

Our setup is like this

INTERNET <---- MAILGATEWAY (gateway SMTP box) <----- (domain containing SBS and ES1)

All the email leaving our domain is routed to "MAILGATEWAY", and even with that error showing up in the ExBPA we are still able to send outbound email from SBS, and we can send email from ES1 to SBS, but thats it.

de.blackman -> RE: Exchange 2010 SBS 2003 Uknown Domain Schema (29.Sep.2010 3:41:07 PM)

Ok so the issue you are having is that you are not able to send emails from E2K3 to E2K10 users, correct? Are you able to telnet from SBS to ES1 on port 25? What happens to the emails that are sent by your users on SBS to users on ES1 (do they remain in a queue or get rejected by the server)?

You mentioned also that all your outbound messages are sent to MAILGATEWAY. How was this configured (on the default SMTP virtual server or on an SMTP Connector)?

JediMindTricks -> RE: Exchange 2010 SBS 2003 Uknown Domain Schema (29.Sep.2010 4:19:11 PM)

Sorry for any confusions as I am not the person who configured this SBS server and therefore I'm not 100% sure how/why it was configured as it is.

Yes ping and telnet both work from SBS to ES1.

On SBS, in the ESM I can see the following settings:

The "Default SMTP Virtual Server" > Delivery > Advanced Delivery tab shows:
Max Hop Count: 30
Masquerade domain: DOMAIN.COM
FQDN: mailgateway.DOMAIN.COM
SmartHost: smtpgateway.DOMAIN.COM

There are (2) routing group connectors displayed on SBS:
1) SBS-ES1
2) SmallBusiness SMTP Connector

The first is inaccessible because it requires a higher version of Exchange manager. The second shows "Forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts:" Under Local Bridgeheads it says server: "SBS" Virtual Server: "Default SMTP Virtual Server"

de.blackman -> RE: Exchange 2010 SBS 2003 Uknown Domain Schema (29.Sep.2010 4:26:46 PM)

The entries for the smarthost on the virtual server (smtpgateway.DOMAIN.COM) and the one on the SMTP connector (smtpserver.DOMAIN.COM), are they the same (pointing to same device\IP)?

I understand you did not set this up but there really should not be any smarthost configured on the default SMTP virtual server! What this says is any mail being sent from this server must be sent through the, this includes internal emails between servers. Basically as long as the message generated from this server is being sent to a recipient located on the internet or on another exchange server in the organization, it will be sent to the smart host. This includes public folder replication messages! Remove this smarthost entry from the Default SMTP virtual server and make sure it is setup correctly on the connector instead! That should do it...

JediMindTricks -> RE: Exchange 2010 SBS 2003 Uknown Domain Schema (30.Sep.2010 10:31:41 AM)

I cannot even ping smtpgateway.DOMAIN.COM, so it's definitely not pointing to the same device as smtpserver.DOMAIN.COM.

I removed the Smart Hosts line from the 'Default SMTP Virtual Server', but it doesn't seem to have fixed anything. I sent a message to TestUser on ES1 from SBS and the message doesn't go through. I see the message in the 'Messages with an unreachable Destination' queue on SBS.

de.blackman -> RE: Exchange 2010 SBS 2003 Uknown Domain Schema (30.Sep.2010 10:34:58 AM)

Did you restart  the SMTP service after making the change?

JediMindTricks -> RE: Exchange 2010 SBS 2003 Uknown Domain Schema (30.Sep.2010 10:51:14 AM)

[:)] can I save myself some humiliation and lie and say that I did??

I ran the following and my SBS-ES1 connector got a green check in the mail queue and mail was flowing:

net stop "simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)" && net start "simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)"

I verified 2-way communication from both servers and from external internet servers as well!

de.blackman, you're the man! many thank you's!

de.blackman -> RE: Exchange 2010 SBS 2003 Uknown Domain Schema (30.Sep.2010 12:36:28 PM)

Another one bites the dust![:D]

Glad to see everything is working as expected! Let's pretend I didn't read that first line of your reply[8|]!

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