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KurunjiRRD -> Exchange Additional Backend Installation (30.Sep.2010 3:06:48 AM)

Hi, Due to Space constrain and Heavy utilization would like to install an additional Exchange backend Server, Requesting you to provide the Step-by-Step Checklist that needs to be followed in the Change in the Current Exchange Setup.

Version : Exchange 2003

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Exchange Additional Backend Installation (30.Sep.2010 4:00:16 AM)

if you are thinking about long term investment and saving then you can go with Exchange Server 2010 rather then using Exchange 2003 as a suggestion.
Designing and deployment will be easy as we have many tools available online

Just giving a summary
If you want to have another exchange 2003
1) Understand the current setup (which you did)
2) Create a design for n of users
3) Add new exchange server
4) replicate pf and system folder
5) Move the first server role
6) Decomission it

Reference article :

KurunjiRRD -> RE: Exchange Additional Backend Installation (30.Sep.2010 4:18:19 AM)


I have referred the Link and we are not removing the exisitng Backend Server, This Installation is to have another one more backend server. Any Step by Step Reference & checklist available ? Please note this is not in the Cluster environment.

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