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guaro001 -> Best practice (2.Oct.2010 5:06:57 PM)

We have x2000 and a bunch of hibrid OL clients all across(2000,2003,2007), we are in the process of moving the accounts to another exchange , this time is an x2003 and its on another office, we have no more than 20 users. so here are my question. the two exchange are not on the same organization as of yet, are not on the same forest as of yet and I can not see the x2003 on the ESM.

1) Because this is just a handfull of user, is it better to exmerge individual accounts and them merge them on the new account on the x2003 that already is present on the new exchange.
2) Once the mailboxes are transfered, how do I go and get the clients to point to the new exchange server x2003, I tried to edit/modify the current profile but it was a no no.
3) once the x2000 is done how do I stop it from been the exchange.

Thanks a bunch gurus

uemurad -> RE: Best practice (7.Oct.2010 2:08:50 PM)

It will probably be most time efficient to export the mailboxes using ExMerge and importing them into the consolidate Exchange Organization.

Each user moved will then need to be accessing the Exchange server with the current mailbox. How do you plan to build out the remote office infrastructure? How are you planning to authenticate those users into the consolidated AD domain?

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