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sisco22 -> Cannot contact server (5.Oct.2010 8:24:41 AM)

Hey guys,
I finally got my Exchange 2010 set up and migrated all my users over from 2003 and I've changed the DNS records and external DNS records to point to the new exchange server. When i type in the settings on my phone (android) it won't allow me to connect to the server. I can get to OWA through the website just fine. Any ideas of what would cause this?

John Weber -> RE: Cannot contact server (5.Oct.2010 11:38:49 AM)

Motorola? You be (almost) screwed. Depending on droid version, you may be able to get a freebie copy of Touchdown from Motorola.

Should you be on someother version of droid, ignore the above.

dimfry -> RE: Cannot contact server (20.Nov.2010 3:36:45 AM)

Oh, don't tell me. This is a big problem of mine. Whenever I am seriously trying to attached something or registering somewhere or posting something, in that pick time my computer shows message "cannot contact server". I took a look for the internet connection, that is it connected or not. But always, found everything is ok. Then refresh the page and then got the connection again, but my work failed completely already. 

platinumpresto -> RE: Cannot contact server (28.Jan.2011 10:11:41 PM)

same problem,

Outlook syncs fine, webmail works fine...

just all iphones and androids cannot connect

but one user has reported a working blckberry?

Activesync is enabled, all proper ports open, and dns resolves the address??

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