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jutlak -> Folder not removed from PF Instances (8.Oct.2010 5:29:06 AM)

We had lots of Public Folders replicating from a Exchange 2003 Server to other 2007 Servers and replication is working fine. Using ESM, I removed the 2003 Server from the list of Replication Servers and all folders were gone from the Public Folder Instances as expected except for a few Calendar Folders.

In ESM if I go to the specific Pf Folder and highlight it, on the right side, I see that in the Status Window the Exch2003 server is not listed, however on the Replication window all 2 servers are listed (Exch2003 and Exch2007 Servers). Interestingly, when I look at the properties of the Folder and select the Replication Tab, I don't see the Exch2003 server listed which I can see from the other window described above. Using PFDAVADMIN, I can't see the Exch2003 server listed in the REPLICA_LIST. I also did an Export of Replica Servers using PFDAVADMIN and still can't see it listed but it still shows up on the PF Instances container.

I also added the Exch2003 Server back on as a replica and then later removed it and still same state. I can see that an Outgoing event is logged on the Exch2003 Server and can see an Incoming event logged on the Exch2007 Server but on th Exch2007 HUB Server I see EventID 1020 logged with "The store driver couldn't deliver the public folder replication message "Folder Content Backfill Response (" because the following error occurred: Property validation failed. Property = [{00020329-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}:'Keywords'] Categories
Error = Element 0 in the multivalue property is invalid..." logged and no Incoming event on 2003 Server.

I rebooted the server, just incase a replication thread is stuck in memory and still the issue persisted. I have dismounted the PF Store on Exch2003 server and can't see any events from any servers.

how can I gracefully remove these folders from the e2003 Server as I am in the process of decommissoning this server from our Org.

Jesper Bernle -> RE: Folder not removed from PF Instances (8.Oct.2010 8:20:25 AM)

I think your issue is described here: Public Folder Replication Troubleshooting - Part 4: Exchange Server 2007 tips

jutlak -> RE: Folder not removed from PF Instances (11.Oct.2010 8:04:32 AM)

Thanks - yes I get the Error as mentioned in one of his Examples but for the Error I get, as the last comment in the post, no further update was issued:

= [{00020329-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}:'Keywords'] Categories
Error = Element 1 in the multivalue property is invalid


jutlak -> RE: Folder not removed from PF Instances (11.Oct.2010 11:00:55 AM)

I have cleared "All Categories" and waiting to see if this works.

jutlak -> RE: Folder not removed from PF Instances (17.Nov.2010 4:33:27 AM)

the solution was to propagate the field with something rather than none and resynchronise content

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