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italmystic99 -> Problems Accessing Shared Mailboxes Post ADMT Migration (11.Oct.2010 5:57:58 AM)


We are in the middle of a transition migrating users from a windows 2000 domain to a new windows 2003 domain/forest. We are using ADMT to migrate the user/AD accounts along with SIDHistory. The necessary trusts are in place and SID filtering disabled.

Within the source 2000 domain there is an exchange 5.5 org hosting each users exchange mailbox and for the time being they need to stay where they are. Shared and group data is also staying in the source domain.

Migrated users can successfully add their mailbox the problem arises if the they try to add a shared mailbox. They get and access denied error.

We have verified the user has permissions by creating a new outlook profile linked to the shared mailbox they wish to access and there's not a problem. If we then try to add the users personal mailbox from with the shared mailbox we also get the same error!. Bit confused about this i though that the migration of SIDHistory with the user accounts should have alleviated any issues.

Just to add that accessing shared data on legacy file servers from the 2003 target domain etc is no problem so this issue is specific to just exchange mailbox accessing a secondary mailbox

Any help or advice would be appreciated


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