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Drools -> Orphaned Exchange Server (20.Oct.2010 7:28:04 PM)

Here is what I have.
2 servers running W2K, one is a DC while the other is a backup DC. I was asked to replace the DC with a new 2003 server. No problem right...
Before the existing 2 x W2K servers were installed the original server was a SBS with everything installed Exchange 5.5. That original SBS server is long gone but its presents are still being felt.

When I try to DCPROMO the new 2003 server, Iím told I need to do the forest prep, normal stuff.
You can guess the prep fails because it cannot find that original Exchange server. How do I get around this? Can I use Adsiedit to remove the orphaned exchange server prior to promoting the new server?
Note: Exchange was not installed on either of the 2 W2K servers and it is not being used and probably never was.

Thanks for the help.

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