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etworek -> SSL in a multi-domain o (22.Oct.2010 9:08:24 AM)

I am currently administering a Microsoft SBS 2003 running exchange. The problem I am having is the internal FQDN and External FQDN are different (domain name.local and This is causing a problem with my SSL in ISS. I have a  registered to so that external users can access email via Active Sync and OWA without receiving certificate errors, that works grate but now I face a problem with my “public folders” I receive an error ID C1030af3, after researching the error it seems that the problem is the FQDN listed on the certificate does not match the internal FQDN. What are my options? I am thinking I get a Multiple Domains (UCC) Certificate with both the .com and .local listed. Does this work with exchange 2003? Do I use my external or my internal as primary FQDN? Any guidance would be help full

tagesk -> RE: SSL in a multi-domain o (22.Nov.2010 9:10:34 AM)

Any progress on this?
Same issue here.


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