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ISA -> Server 2008 Virtual Machine/Exchange (22.Oct.2010 11:06:41 AM)

My company has purchased the Sympres Out of Office manager a while back and since then we had it installed locally on the Exchange mailbox. The OutofOffice account had local admin rights on the box and not domain admin access which the directions said and it worked fine. Our Exchange 2k3 server died so they migrated everyone to the new Exchange 2k10 server and having a feer of it going down the Network director said not 3rd party apps on that server. So what we have done is setup a VM running Server 2k8 with Symprex installed on it. However the issue i am seeing is that whenever i attempt to authenticate throung the Symprex service with our username and password and it immediately gave me a message Access matter if used the correct password or a bogus one. The Out of Office account is setup as a local admin account on the VM as well. The Out of Office account according to the Network director is setup properly and all permissions that were on it when it worked are on it now. So i am left to wonder if this application has to be installed on the Exchange server itself and not a VM.

Any ideas?

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