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belanger -> Migration Mdaemon/Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 (25.Oct.2010 11:25:19 AM)

Here is the setup we have :

Our mails are hosted outside our network on a server with MDaemon as the mail server for the domain companyxxx.com

Inside our network, we have a 2003 Exchange server hosting our mails for companyxxx.lan

We use Exchange to share calendars.

Each user has two accounts in Outlook : one for the Exchange server company.lan and one POP3 account for companyxxx.com

We want to install Exchange 2010 on a new machine inside our network hosting our mails for companyxxx.com and at the same time get rid

of our accounts companyxxx.lan. We won't use the Exchange 2003 anymore.

So each user will have only one exchange account for companyxxx.com in his Outlook.

Can someone explain each steps we will have to do to have a smooth transition ?


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