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fivetide -> DNS Problem (1.Nov.2010 6:53:04 PM)

I know this exchange I'm sorry if its the wrong place but seeing as I'm a member I thought I would ask
My client asked me to set his domain up with his url name as the FQDN as this is the first real 2008 exchange server I have built I did just that so his server is server.hisdomain.co.uk of course now when a user is attached to the domain they cant see their own website because it is hosted on an external web host ( learn somthing every day) so I created a A record in the DNS for www and the ip of pinged domain and now it goes to the url of the web host I assume this is  the nameserver not the comapnys web site?.. anyone know how I get it direct to the actual web address ?

choppol -> RE: DNS Problem (1.Nov.2010 9:17:30 PM)

is the A record pointing to the web external i.e. the domain hosting your domain name?

fivetide -> RE: DNS Problem (1.Nov.2010 9:28:03 PM)

Yes well theres a problem I  have pointed the record to the ip address that I pinged off the external URL but this only goes to the hosts page I assume its the nameserver of the host..? It does not open the webpage of the site.

choppol -> RE: DNS Problem (1.Nov.2010 10:00:19 PM)

Correct me if I'm wrong but you have a A record from the domain hosting company to the external IP address to hisdomain.co.uk and you are having problem going to it the web site from internet?

Do you have a MX record pointing to the IP address of the domain on the hosting company i.e. MX = (the company's ip address) and internal DNS have a MX pointing to to your Exchange server?

rishishah -> RE: DNS Problem (2.Nov.2010 5:58:58 AM)

Your Website provider probably relies on the host header to understand who it should be forwarding requests to when it is received by the front end load balancer/firewall which receives all requests from the internet.

Would you mind sharing your client's url to help you further?

fivetide -> RE: DNS Problem (2.Nov.2010 6:05:00 AM)

No guys its the opposite ... because my DC is named hisdomain.co.uk etc if I use my DNS internally to look for the site through a web browser it points back to DC but it is hosted on an external web host. I made an A record in my DC's DNS to point to www @ url IP address but does not show users external website.. if I'm on an external PC it works fine

travis.sheldon -> RE: DNS Problem (2.Nov.2010 2:41:54 PM)

Unfortunately that is the downside to using real TLDs and real domains instead of .local..if you change it in DNS for your Active Directory name then you'll eventually break AD or the changes will get automatically reverted.

So you created a www record in DNS on your Windows server to point to the external webhost IP? If so, what happens when you run an nslookup on www.hisdomain.co.uk -- does it return the external IP? If so, then browsing to it via HTTP should return the external site..but hisdomain.co.uk will still route to the internal IIS site.

fivetide -> RE: DNS Problem (2.Nov.2010 6:29:16 PM)

Hey guys thanks for the reply’s I Have managed to resolve the problem on my ESX test environment
First of all ….. if you ping a url the chances are you end up returning the name server (NSserver) IP this is because you first hit the NS server then the NS Server will work out the translation of the IP address and then  routes this  to the actual URL ip address .. Another layer etc.. in other words if you run a ping to try and determine the IP address of your URl what you actually get is the name server.
To solve this issue you need to go to the web host’s DNS settings .. normally there’s a “@” followed by an IP address  this refers to the generic IP translated by the DNS settings for the url.. there may be a lot of www. …. Hosted on the same IP but ns server will redirect it to the correct URL.. hope this helps

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