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nevermore929 -> What is your database naming convention? (2.Nov.2010 1:51:24 PM)

We're trying to decide whether we'll name and populate our databases based on site, user function, or just a general database where we randomly drop users. It seems strange to name them, "Mailbox Database 1" and populate it with users from across the corporation (after we consolidate to centralized Exchange), but Microsoft and Dell said this common. So, i've been tasked with asking around to see how others are approaching this issue.

travis.sheldon -> RE: What is your database naming convention? (2.Nov.2010 2:29:13 PM)

It should really depend on how you're going to lay out your databases and mailbox servers..

I use DAGs in all of my deployments of 2010 and I name mine as ORGNAMEDB#

For instance..when I run AD prep and I provide the organization name..if I put EBS then I'll name the DBs as EBSDB1 and EBSDB2

It provides a clean naming convention that can easily be added to scripting jobs such as DB maintenance / checks.

However, if you're going to have a bunch of mailbox servers that run independently or in multiple DAGs, then you'll probably name them as DAGNAMEDB1 or SERVERNAMEDB1

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