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andylai2k -> 2 site outgoing routing (3.Nov.2010 11:08:11 PM)

Hi all,

i nned some help on this issue.

I have 2 site and both have exchange 2007 sp3

Site A - Corp headquarter

Site B - China office

After installation of exchangeB, I moved 1 mailbox to exchangeB

internal to internal between 2 exchange - OK
External to ExchangeB mailbox - OK
ExchangeB to external mail - not good

I want all outgoing mail go out from ExchangeA for single point management, how Can I set this up. Thansk.


rishishah -> RE: 2 site outgoing routing (4.Nov.2010 5:10:44 AM)

Where is your send connector for outgoing mail?

If its on Server A than Server B should forward mail to that for Internet based mail.

Also you dont state your configuration...do you have an Edge? And what are Server A and B - what roles do they hold?

Finally this is an Exchange 2010 forum.

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