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ardiliverpool -> always authentication on outlook (5.Nov.2010 8:09:09 AM)

Dear All,

I'm beginner to install exchange, actually i'm still learn exchange 2007, but i get the problem authentication on outlook. Every i push button send/receive on outlook, always appear dialog to filled username and password. I've checked by active directory and mailbox to make sure that, but still couldn't login to POP. Can anyone to help my problem ?

Thank you, and i'm waiting immediately respond


choppol -> RE: always authentication on outlook (7.Nov.2010 9:46:02 PM)

So are you using pop to retrieve mail?

1. do you have a certificate on the exchange server and workstation?
2. Have you tried recreating your Outlook profile, does it still prompt for username and password?
3. Is this a single box Exchange or CAS/HT or MBX?
4. Is it running on a DC/GC?

ardiliverpool -> RE: always authentication on outlook (9.Nov.2010 2:39:06 AM)

Hi, Choppol

I'm using pop3 to retrieve email

then, my answer as follow :
1. I've license for for server and cal license for workstation
2. already setting in outlook profile, still occurred prompt for username and password
3. Single box exchange
4. Running on a DC

thank you for your respond, i'm waiting more explanation

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