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brenta2 -> Rollups on DAG (12.Nov.2010 9:42:39 AM)


I found this article with regards to installing Exchange Rollups on a DAG.
In order to install a rollup on 2010 SP1 (UR1 at the time of writing), follow the steps below.

•Run the StartDAGServerMaintenance.ps1 script from the “Scripts” folder with the –ServerName switch before patching the DAG member. Forefront will have to be disabled manually.

•Install update rollup, make sure that it is run from an elevated command prompt.

•Run the StopDAGServerMaintenance.ps1 script with the –ServerName switch after patching the DAG member. Enable forefront manually.

Is that it?

No moving databases or anything?
Am I missing something?

Seems TOO simple



de.blackman -> RE: Rollups on DAG (13.Nov.2010 10:51:32 AM)

Try this link:

Installing Update Rollups on Database Availability Group Members
Installing Update Rollup 1 for Exchange 2010 on DAG Members

brenta2 -> RE: Rollups on DAG (13.Nov.2010 10:46:19 PM)


I did some more research on these scripts and found a few more articles.
Trusted the scripts (after a snapshot of course;)) and all worked like a dream...

Nice to see some simplicity put into the RollUp on DAGs.

Here are the other articles relating...
About ½ way down (New and Enhanced Management and Monitoring Scripts)



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