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wingadean -> EXC2007 Outlook anywhere and ISA 2004 (17.Nov.2010 5:45:05 PM)

hi there,

Does anybody know if you can get ISA 2004 working with Exchange 2007 Outlook anywhere? I know there are many articles about this working with ISA 2006 but i cant seem to find any info on this with ISA 2004.
I have OWA and Active Sync working with ISA 2004 using my owa certificate but i cannot seem to get outlook anywhere working.
In my Exchange rule on ISA i tried adding the /rpc and /rpcwithCert into the paths tab but that hasnt worked.
I have tried to create a new mailserver publishing rule and selected cilent-access RPC but when i finish running the wizard there is no option to select a certificate.
i seem to get this error in isa monitoring log.
Status: 12202 The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL).
The CAS has been set to Basic authentication and when a user opens Outlook externaly they get prompted for username and password but it just fails.
The requests are definitely hitting the ISA server as i can see that in the logs but not sure if its reaching my CAS. please help im really stuck

mark@mvps.org -> RE: EXC2007 Outlook anywhere and ISA 2004 (17.Nov.2010 5:50:44 PM)

Before we go any further can you check this: http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/Troubleshooting-RPC-over-HTTPS-Part1.html from this very site to make sure you're following what it says. Once you've excluded all the possibles then people can take the troubleshooting to the next stage.

wingadean -> RE: EXC2007 Outlook anywhere and ISA 2004 (17.Nov.2010 7:30:06 PM)

Thanks for the reply, i have got it working finally...woohoo..[:)]
i had to create a new webserver publishing rule in ISA for the rpc path following the article below:
following procedure 8 at the bottom of the page.

strange thing is yesterday i added the rpc path to my existing Exchange 2007 publishing rule and it didnt work. so not sure why you need a seperate rule for the rpc path.

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