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jwirth779 -> RCPT to command (18.Nov.2010 5:01:44 AM)

Encountered an issue with Microsoft SMTP where by the SMTP server using in Exchange 2003 will accept all of the following at RCPT to: command:

1. test%domain.com
2. test!domain.com
3. test$domain.com
4. test^domain.com
5. test

In all of the above cases, the Microsoft SMTP service will add the default domain to the address and keep on with processing...

250 2.1.5 test%domain.com@domain.com

Next Exchange will continue to process the message normally and hence will get returned by the postmaster..

1. Is there any MS documenation on why MS SMTP accepts these addresses in the RCPT to command??

2. Any documentation on why it adds the default domain and continues with processing.

Version of Exchange: 6944.4 = Exchange 2003 RTM and SBS2003

Would appreciate any feedback...


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