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Zer0 G -> Design (21.Nov.2010 11:41:17 AM)

Working on a design for a hosted 2010 exchange environment and looking for some suggestions/assistance.

Our current exchange system (2007sp1)is completely configured behind a firewall but we're moving to a secure hosted environment and stuck in the design phase.

The new system will sit behind the firewall, We're going to host the edge box and cas in one segment, and the hub transport and mailbox server behind firewall rules on a different segment than the client access box.

Anybody have any design plans in place that they are currently using where you are hosting for external customers?

Paul Cunningham -> RE: Design (22.Nov.2010 9:10:01 PM)

Don't firewall your CAS off from the other Exchange servers.

Zer0 G -> RE: Design (23.Nov.2010 8:46:37 AM)

Paul, thank you!

I was still in the old mindset of <FE> and <BE>..

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