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markikona -> second server (22.Nov.2010 9:46:50 AM)

Hi All,

Here's my situation

2 Servers
1x SBS2008 running Exchange 2007
1x 2003 Standard (doing nothing)

What I would like to do is install Exchange 2007 on to the 2003 server just to act as redundancy if ever anything were to happen to the PDC.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide on how to do this?


Mark -> RE: second server (22.Nov.2010 9:50:43 AM)

You don't have the components to do this. Exchange 2010 allows you to have two boxes with all the same content on it and Exchange handles which mailbox database is active at any one point in time. Exchange 2007 allows you to have a cluster in a couple of implementations but you have SBS so that solution isn't open to you.
If you wish to have a highly resilient platform you need to move off the tiny-company-solution of SBS and go to a proper enterprise grade package; Either Exchange 2007 CCR or Exchange 2010 DAG.

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