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steve.harcourt@redst -> Security for relaying to an external email (26.Nov.2010 4:13:33 AM)


I have a question about security levels .....

We have recently installed Exchange 2010, and we also provide hosted services for other customers.
One of our customers wants to use our Exchange 2010 to enable them to send emails from our hosted system (that they use exclusively) to an email address in their location. We have setup a mail contact as an alias, so the emails will get passed on to the customer, but my customer has a question .....

What level of security for email content is there between the hosted system and Exchange 2010 and also between Exchange 2010 and their Exchange 2003 system (in another part of the country).

We have implemented Exchange 2010 with no particular settings other than the defaults, and we are not using any other products other than McAfee for incoming spam filtering.

Hope this makes sense.

All comments gratefully received.

Reading, UK

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