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arpatel1980 -> Remove Server From Excahgne Org (10.Dec.2010 9:44:39 AM)

Hey Guys,

First of all im an Exchagne newbie so please forgive my ignorance.

I have an Exchange 2003 Org that covers three sites. Three Exchange Servers, all running Exchange Ent 2003.

I have the main Exch Server in the HQ (lets call it site A) and two satellite offices.

Each site has Mailboxes locally.

Due to a sale of part of the company i need to remove one of the sites (lets call it site B) from my Exchange Org.

I need help with what has to be done.

Site B was purchased a few years ago, so has two SMTP address, mail with site B name goes directly to Site B, mail with Site A name goes to site A and is then routed to site B internally.

What type of things do i need to check before i just right click and delete the site b server from exchange system manager?

for now lets pressume i dont care about what happens to site B's mail flow (if that scope changes then i will update the thread)

Thank you in advance for your help, i appreciate it.

V_R_Daghigh -> RE: Remove Server From Excahgne Org (10.Dec.2010 10:27:07 AM)

Hi Arpatel1380.
Check the following link :

Good Luck.

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