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BisherSH -> Edge Server Error - LDAP is un available (13.Dec.2010 8:13:14 AM)

Good day,

I've installed a new AC DC Along with Exchange Server 2007 HUB , CAS and Mailbox DB on Windows Server 2008 x64 R2

On another machine:
installed a Stand alone Edge server. Didnt join it to domain . Changed the DNS Suffix to the Domain name installed on the AD DC.

Installed ADAM by running
cmd.exe /c start /w pkgmgr.exe /iu:"DirectoryServices-ADAM"

Then i created Edge Subscription using New-Edgesubsucribtion command
and imported the xml file to the DC server

on the DC server , i ran the Start-EdgeSynchronization command and the got an error message that says :
FailureDetalis : The LDAP Server is unavailable

I've checked ports (389,50636 ) even disabled firewalls on both servers and on the router with no luck !

Im stuck in here , kindly advice.


BisherSH -> RE: Edge Server Error - LDAP is un available (15.Dec.2010 2:44:47 AM)

I've reinstalled the Edge server with no luck.

Checked all ports, they are all opened.

Itís a test environment, just the two servers mentioned above and a router.

All firewalls are disabled.

I've followed the article below step by step with no luck


Any help is appreciated :)

BisherSH -> RE: Edge Server Error - LDAP is un available (15.Dec.2010 4:25:58 AM)

The problem has been solved.

I just needed to add DNS ďA record " of the Edge Server FQDN name on the DC server.

Then i got Invalid credentials error , fixed by re-subscribing

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