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NarayanM -> Exchange Active Sync Help (17.Dec.2010 3:33:15 PM)

I am currently running exchange 2003 and 2010 in coexistence. The plan is to ultimately have only 1 server, Exchange 2010 once my migration is complete.

Both servers have a public URL and a certificate. Passthrough authentication has been configured on the 2010 box to the 2003 box. This has been tested. A 2003 mailbox can authenticate on either 2010 or 2003 and work correctly. A 2010 box can authenticate to 2010 and work correctly.

My issue is, when I move a box from 2003 to 2010, I am having issues with EAS. The account seems to authenticate correctly, as on an ios device, it verifies the account settings without error. However, no messages are downloaded and the Mail client gives an unable to connect error. Cannot Send Mail. An error occured while delivering this message."

Any suggestions on where to look to begin troubleshooting? I did verify the account is enabled for Exchange activesync in the EMC.

mrflash -> RE: Exchange Active Sync Help (1.Feb.2011 4:37:35 AM)


You are aware of the restrictions on Exchange 2010 with regards to its mail clients using MAPI

Outlook 2003 SP3 and above only. Any previous client including 3rd party ones will not function using MAPI.

On the Mac you will need to use Outlook 2011, Entourage no longer works.

If your mail clients are using IMAP or POP3, i would look at your authentication on the EWS and OWA virtual directories, and ensure that they are both the same, e.g. UPN or Domain\Username.

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