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acalenti -> Problems with ECP (20.Dec.2010 6:35:19 PM)

My problem manifests itself when OWA users try to go into "options" to make changes to their account. They get a 403 access is forbidden error. It does work fine however, when they use OWA light.

Figuring something was wrong with ECP, I opened EMC/server configuration/client access/ There is nothing listed under the Exchange Control Panel tab.

There is an ECP folder in Program files\microsoft\exchange server\v14\client access, but it too is empty.

Finally, in IIS under sites/default web site there is an ecp folder which looks normal as far as listing a, IIS, and Management area.

I get numerous errors when I try to remove-ecpvirtualdirectory to the effect that the object couldn't be found on my DC and when I try to create a new one using new-ecpvirtualdirectory I get the error "Cannot process argument transformation on parameter 'domaincontrooler'. Cannot convert value\ecp (default web site)" to type "Microsoft.Exchange.Data.FQDN". Error:""\ecp (default web site)" isn't a valid SMTP domain"

Not sure what I need to add or subtract and from where, so any help would be appreciated.

adispy -> RE: Problems with ECP (7.Mar.2011 3:57:33 PM)

try this

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