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jutlak -> Unable to remove Virtual Server (7.Jan.2011 11:06:33 AM)

We had a 2 node cluster under Exchange 2003, we did a Exchange transition to Exchange 2007 from Exchange 2003 and now I am decommissioning Exchange 2003 cluster.

I evicted and removed the passive node already, but when I try removing the active and only node, I take offline the SA and then "Remove Virtual server" from Cluster admin, I get a error on the Exchange cluster administration Extension: Access is denied, Facility: Win32, ID no: c0070005

I have checked my permissions and all look OK. I am using the Domain admin account which has Full Exchange Permissions. I have also removed/ uninstalled AV product and check all that I could think of and can't see why this is happening.

Do I need to take the Virtual Server Offline ? I am following the Microsoft KB article of removing Exchange Virtual Server but that says Take SA offline and not the Virtual Server. Please advice what could be stopping me from removing the vitual server ?

jutlak -> RE: Unable to remove Virtual Server (11.Jan.2011 10:37:02 AM)

figured this out - what because of an Orpan mailbox

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