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TDFZ -> Reintroduce Exchange Sever (9.Jan.2011 12:50:53 PM)

I have a Domain controller with a separate Exchange Server on the network. The DC crashed. I reinstalled the DC and added the Exchange server to the network. How can I recover all of the old emails? Manage your server shows that the Exchange server has no roles.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Reintroduce Exchange Sever (10.Jan.2011 1:05:48 AM)

Hi mate,

Let me understand this

You had 1 DC and 1 exchange server in the network, i guess both of them are in two seperate machines.
Your DC crashed and you rebuilt it back and your exchange server is still healthy condition i mean it is not crashed
Once you rebuilt the DC, i believe you haven't restored the AD Backup due to which you lost the AD Configuration Partition.
Since you rebuilt it everything is new information and whatever you had in the configuration partition lost. I guess because of that your exchange services not running.

Now if that is the condition, you need to first save the exchange mailbox database file like you can take a seperate copy of that.
Then you need you can try to reinstall or you can uninstall then install it as like a new serve Keep in mind eacn and every data should be identical what you had like org name etc etc.

If you have system state backup all you need to do is restore the system state backup and start the service.

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