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federico -> DAG backup using DPM2010 not truncating logs (19.Jan.2011 7:25:56 AM)

Hi mates,

The fact is that Im using DPM 2010 for backup and log files remain there. Ive read lots of articles and posts, and Ive made lots of tests and now Im really confused.

Some questions:

- In DAG scenario, enable circular logging? If so, what about restoring the database to tha latest state? Moreover, circular logging is incompatible whit incremental backups, so in DPM you can only select one of the copies of each database for backup.
- In DAG scenario, only active copy backup, or inactive copies backup also? Following DPM wizard, I have selected all the copies (only one for full backup, and the others for incremental backup), but when it launches the process, it seems that cannot remove logs because anotoher backup process is running...
Leaving only one copy for backup, the arroe does not appera, but it still says it cannot truncate log files....

...any idea...


rytmehans -> RE: DAG backup using DPM2010 not truncating logs (23.Jan.2011 1:53:48 PM)


Don't enable circulat logging for DAG databases.

There is only need for backup of one of each database in a DAG group. This backup should truncate logs on all servers in the DAG

federico -> RE: DAG backup using DPM2010 not truncating logs (9.Feb.2011 7:19:06 AM)

Thanks Leif,

But when I backup only the active copy I always get events 225 and 9827:

225: Information Store (3296) MBXDXXXX: No log files can be truncated.
9827: Exchange VSS Writer (instance 64a9d869-60b9-4894-920e-a74436781c1f:104) has successfully completed the full or incremental backup of replicated database 'MBXDXXXX'. The log files will be truncated after they have been replayed.

...but no log truncation.

is this normal? what else should I expect?


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