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ketchup -> EAS not sending attachments (is config'd) (20.Jan.2011 9:46:06 PM)

Hi all.
I'm in the process of migrating from Exchange 2003 to 2010.
I just got the server up and tested access. I can send and receive emails on my android and "i" Devices. However, I cannot send attachments.

I looked at the policy and attachment download is checked. I even unchecked it, sync'd and then checked it again and sync'd. Still not attachments will send.

I'm new to Ex2010. Can someone point me to a setting to script I need to run to make this work?

This seems to be the last piece of the puzzle before I can put this into production.

Thanks a bunch for whatever help you can provide.

Dream Merchant -> RE: EAS not sending attachments (is config'd) (26.Mar.2011 7:51:15 AM)

Just make sure that the settings are under Organization Configuration>Client Access>Exchange ActiveSync Mailboxes Policies> Default

Limit email size to is not checked
Maximum attachment size is not checked

dfosbenner -> RE: EAS not sending attachments (is config'd) (14.Apr.2011 8:56:34 AM)

Ketchup, did you ever solve the issue with sending attachments? I have a couple Android devices and ever since upgrading to EX10, we can't send attachments either.

dfosbenner -> RE: EAS not sending attachments (is config'd) (15.Apr.2011 11:30:08 AM)

Solution found in my case:

In Exchange Management Console, go to Server Configuration > Client Access > Exchange ActiveSync tab.

Double click Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync Properties. Go to Authentication tab, and make sure Basic authentication is checked (mine already was) and check "Ignore client certificates" (default is set to Accept).

Cycle the WWW Publishing Service, and attachments should send.

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