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Pearlyshells -> Android and Blackberry on Exch2007 (28.Jan.2011 3:06:37 PM)

Our Exchange Admin is no longer with us. I have been asked to perform his duties temporarily but have limited Exchange experience. The task at hand is to setup users with Android and Blackberry devices on the Exchange 2007 server. I understand that I need ActiveSync, Outlook Anywhere and certificates to do this. Unfortunately, I don't know the steps. Is there an order to perform the necessary steps and is there anything that I have missed that needs to be done. Would appreciate any advice.

de.blackman -> RE: Android and Blackberry on Exch2007 (28.Jan.2011 4:36:44 PM)

Actually you do not need Outlook AnyWhere enabled for Android and BlackBerry users. With BlackBerry (BB) users it is a bit more straight forward. There should be a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) installed in the domain that is used to register the device and connect it to a mailbox on Exchange. Find out where this server is and you can setup the user's devices from there.

With the Android phones, all you need to do is configure activesync. Do you know if this has already been configured? Do you know if a certificate has already been installed? How long has this server been online? How many Exchange servers are there and what roles are they running?

Pearlyshells -> RE: Android and Blackberry on Exch2007 (28.Jan.2011 11:22:33 PM)

There is no blackberry server but there is a single Exchange 2007 server that is part of the single DC we have

de.blackman -> RE: Android and Blackberry on Exch2007 (31.Jan.2011 9:41:11 AM)

If there is no BES server, how do you plan on getting your users with blackberry devices connected? Do you currently have users with blackberry devices connected to your exchange??

One thing you can do is tell the users to contact their service provider and ask them for the URL for the users to connect to and configure their devices on Blackberry Internet Service (BIS). This is a free service available from wireless provides but it is completely managed by the user! Being a free service, unfortunately your users will NOT have many features. I tried this once with my personal device and noticed it only synchronizes the INBOX folder. I have many rules that organize new emails into folders so I wasnt able to see any of them!

mrflash -> RE: Android and Blackberry on Exch2007 (1.Feb.2011 4:24:20 AM)

you can connect Blackberry's no problem whether they have a BES or BIS Contract to Exchange, BES has the capability of both using a hosted Server and using Internet Email accounts, BIS can only use the Internet Email accounts, e.g. Gmail, Outlook Web Access.

Please follow this article to accomplish that:

It is a reduced service with regards to functionality but it does send/receive mail every 5 minutes, which is only a little bit slower than BES.

In order to do all of the above you do need certificates, and pones which are trusted by Blackberry Handhelds, Android etc. By this, usually you have to go for an expensive SAN Certificate from a CA Authority like Verisign, but i would highly recommend DigiCert.

They also have a tool to verify you have installed it on Exchange correctly!!

Please refer to the articles and tutorials section on here about generating and installing certificates, very easy to do.

Hope this helps.


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