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penn_pinto -> CAS Array Setup (31.Jan.2011 8:14:48 AM)

Hello all,

I followed the steps in this article to set up a CAS array for 2 of my CAS/HT servers.

Both CAS/HT servers are virtual guest machines on two seperate hosts in a Windows 2008 R2 HyperV Cluster. I do have the enable mac spoofing checked in the network settings on both machines.

A few things dont seem to work properly though:

1. When the first node of the CAS array goes down the virtual ip of the CAS is unreachable. If the second node goes down but the first node is up, the cas virtual ip and name are pingable.

2. I am not sure if I am understanding everything properly with an NLB but I was assuming that if one of the nodes goes down that OWA/Activesync etc would still be available to my users? I did get identical certs with the proper SAN names installed on both machines but that doesnt seem to work but obviously this could be because of the issue I am facing outlined above in issue #1.

Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong that are causing the above issues?

Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


de.blackman -> RE: CAS Array Setup (31.Jan.2011 9:15:46 AM)

There are a few things that need to be done for NLB to work with hyper-V. I assume you have gone through all requirements but I think you need to make sure they have all been met. Start at the links below:

jveldh -> RE: CAS Array Setup (31.Jan.2011 4:07:43 PM)


NLB sometimes requires some additional configuration on the switches. Can you provide some additional information such as the NLB method used etc ?


penn_pinto -> RE: CAS Array Setup (31.Jan.2011 4:11:49 PM)

Hi guys,

de.blackman...thank you so much for the links. I wen tthrough each one and verified I have followed all the steps.

jveldh. Each vm guest is configured with one nic...on the same subnet. I used multicast mode.

basically it looks like this:

NLB Array name: cas2010 ip:
NLB Node #1: casmember1 ip
NLB Node #2: casmember2 ip:

penn_pinto -> RE: CAS Array Setup (10.Feb.2011 8:15:06 AM)

Hi guys,

Just an fyi I got this figured out. I was not able to make this work with a multicast scenario and had to configure it the way they recommend do it with a hyperv R1 enviroment. In other words, multiple nics on each guest with one nic on each guest dedicated to the nlb and set up in unicast mode.

Once I did this everything worked terrifically.

Thanks for taking the time to help and offer your assistance guys.

Below is the link to the article that helped me out in case others need help in the same area.


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