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Indignity -> Rather disappointed in results in looking for help! (4.Feb.2011 10:58:21 AM)


Posted this over a month ago and had 101 looks and not one reply!

Did I post in the wrong sub-forum? Bad wording? Not enough info? .... Geesh, I was looking for some help in a hurry and sadly disappointed in the results!

mark@mvps.org -> RE: Rather disappointed in results in looking for help! (4.Feb.2011 11:13:32 AM)

This is a volunteer forum and has no SLAs expressed or implied. If you don't get a reply inside of a day it's a pretty safe bet that nobody has any answers or suggestions and you should try to post in a different forum, maybe the Microsoft communities website to see if someone else has an answer.

If you are in urgent need of assistance and are not prepared to wait for an unpaid volunteer to look at your question you should raise a case with Microsoft and pay for troubleshooting. You cannot complain if a free website doesn't answer your question inside five minutes.

I remember looking at this question, looking at the image and finding I had nothing to offer, I moved on. I'm not a calendaring guy so it was always unlikely that I would be able to offer help there.

I am sorry you didn't get a reply. If you take time to look through this forum you will see that nearly all questions get an answer or at least some input or suggestions. You were unlucky.

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