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tmachalica -> [exchange2003] list all public folders with auto-reply (7.Feb.2011 10:40:24 AM)


Today I have a problem with public folders on exchange 2003

I need to find / list all of the PF is set to auto-answer, on the assumption that this is not set, but it turned out that some folders have this option turned on and I would like to find it, manually checking the fall because of the amount of PF (1000 folders)

Exporting list of all the FP together with their properties / attributes of PFDAVdmin or vbs scripts, with enabled auto-reply, and without, unfortunately, I do not see the difference in the result;-(

The most extreme form will be sent to all addresses @ test message and verify that FP will respond, but we want to avoid it;-)

For any hints thanks in advance



Today I have a problem with public folders on exchange 2003

I need to find / list all of the PF is set to auto-answer, on the assumption that this is notset, but it turned out that some folders have this option turned on and I would like to find it, manually checking the fall because of the amount of PF (1000 folders)

Exporting list of all the FP together with their properties / attributes of PFDAVdmin orvbs scripts, with enabled auto-reply, and without, unfortunately, I do not see the difference in the result;-(

The most extreme form will be sent to all addresses @ test message and verify that FPwill respond, but we want to avoid it;-)

For any hints thanks in advance


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