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xbrain -> MS-Exchange Host (Datacenter) But AD Host (Internally) (21.Feb.2011 6:30:00 AM)


I have domain controller resides in my office and we want to host Microsoft Exchange in datacenter.

Can the setup work? People been saying that we hosted AD and Exchange in different location with 2 firewall in each site, user can't authenticate in the 2 NAT environment?

office/ad domain controller (NAT/firewall) <----> (NAT/firewall)datacenter/exchange

is there any issue or solution for that?

Marc.dekeyser -> RE: MS-Exchange Host (Datacenter) But AD Host (Internally) (22.Feb.2011 6:56:10 AM)

Exchange requires a Global Catalog in the same AD site. You could work with a vpn to the datacenter or promote one (or both) of the machines to be a domain controller if you can't put in an additional machine to operate as a domain controller

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